Southampton Youth Concert Sinfonia (SYCS) would like to invite players from the Music Centre’s Youth Orchestra and Wind Band to join them in making a virtual performance of Hans Zimmer’s Time. SYCS is the group some Music Centre students went on tour with back in February and played with at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton in March.

The resources and instructions can be found below.


Introduction video

Watch the supporting video for instructions on how to begin this project. We will end up with a virtual performance of this piece.
Points to remember

  • Shaping is key, if the semibreves and lines do not have the written shaping performed, the piece will not grow and develop
  • Play to the click track as you would in a full orchestra e.g. strings lots of bow, wind and brass plenty of support!
  • Pass your part onto the next person, as rehearsed before lock down
  • There are 2 click tracks available, one with click and piano the other with just click- both include a 4 bar intro click
  • You must perform your part from the beginning (including bars rest)

Additional viewing/listening
Watch the video of Hans Zimmer as lead guitarist performing the piece and note the connection he has with the other performers- something really special!

Please do not send any videos or recordings in until the hub have been in contact with the relevant permission forms.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact Kevin or myself via our hub emails if you have any questions.



The Video below will help you with your practice:

Click Track

Midi Click Track

You can download the Midi Click Track to use in your keyboards below:
Click Track With Piano.mid.


Submit your video

Please submit videos of the performances using the link below and ensure a parent/carer has read the virtual ensemble safeguarding policy to be found under the safeguarding tab.

Update 1

Update 1

Hello SYCS!
Hope you have had a good week and have enjoyed getting started on you part for ‘Time.’ Remember week 1’s content is still available to view so you can remind yourself of the original briefing for the project.
Please see below for updates on Project 1 for this week:

Welcome players from IOW
Following on from the success of the joint projects of Cotswolds tour and Mayflower 400, we are delighted to invite players from the IOW orchestra to participate in the SYCS virtual performances.

Welcome family members
A quote that sticks with me from the Mayflower 400 celebration is SYCS being described as a big family. Therefore, to continue this family ethos that SYCS is extremely proud of, we are also inviting family members to brush off their instruments and take part if they so wish!

SMH video permissions
SMH video permission forms and safe guarding policy are attached alongside this message. Can we advise you to read them carefully. This now gives you the opportunity to submit your recording to be put into our very own virtual performance.

Updated click track
It was bought to my attention that the click track features an extra 4 bars- please use the new updated click track that has been included this week.

How do I work with a click track?
The click track is a necessity as it will allow us to edit the parts together to create the final virtual performance. The click track features a bars introduction, allowing you to gauge the speed of the piece. It is vital that you stay in time with the click otherwise you may be out of sync with the other recordings. To get used to the click, you may consider reading your part alongside the click in the first instance.

Is there a final deadline for recordings to be submitted?
It would be great to have as many of your recordings by the Friday 5th June, as this will allow us to bring the final product together sooner.

What should I wear for my performance?
Anything from concert dress to a onesie, the choice is yours! Just ensure what you are wearing is appropriate.
For an example of the range of outfits you can wear for a virtual performance, view the Cory Band’s virtual performance of Don’t Stop me Now.

A reminder of points to remember from week 1


Safeguarding Policy

Virtual Ensemble Safeguarding Policy

Southampton Music Hub (SMH) is delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for ensemble players to take part in virtual ensembles during the Covid-19 period. We are committed to ensuring that good safeguarding practice is followed to ensure all children and young people are protected and that the same professional standards that would be expected in a face to face rehearsal apply.

A virtual ensemble is where each ensemble member records their part to a click track individually. These performances are then stitched together to make a whole performance which can be shared electronically.

The following guidelines apply to any virtual ensemble activity organised by the hub. It also applies to any other activity where ensemble members are invited to send in videos or still images of them playing their instruments. The following information outlines how the recordings or images will be used. Please do read these guidelines.

If you have any questions or require further guidance regarding safeguarding please contact Zoe Hunting, Designated Safeguarding Lead for SMH by email:

1. All recordings and images will be sent in via the Virtual Ensemble Google Form by a parent/carer from where they will be distributed to the appropriate ensemble director(s)
2. Recordings and images will be viewed by hub administrative staff, hub senior management and ensemble directors.
3. Recordings will either be held on a SCC secured laptop or a personal device belonging to ensemble directors.
4. All personal devices will be password protected and due diligence will be given to the safe keeping of that device.
5. Once the final virtual performance has been completed and saved all original recordings will be deleted.
6. Recordings or images sent in for any other purpose will be deleted once the recordings and images are no longer needed.
7. Final virtual recordings will be shared with the members of the ensemble who created the recording.
8. We ask parents/carers to be aware that family and friends may share the recording to others which is out of the control of the hub.
9. The hub may share virtual recordings with selected third parties for the purposes of promotion.
10. The hub may share virtual recordings with selected third parties for the purposes of bringing music to others during the Covic-19 period. The hub will inform parent/carers of the groups/establishments that the virtual performance will be shared with.
11. Whilst making the recording only the ensemble player should be visible.
12. The ensemble player should be suitably attired and in an appropriate family room in the home. Nothing inappropriate should be visible in the recording.
13. The hub has the right not to use any recordings received if deemed unsuitable.
14. Parent/carers may remove their consent to for their child’s recording or image to be removed at any time by emailing
15. The parent/carer or any other person who has a safeguarding concern relating to this activity, should report their concern to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) or 023 8091 5535 or contact Zoe Hunting as above.

May 2020