The annual subscription is £60 per student, broken down as £20 per term. You only need to pay from the term in which you start:

  • Students starting between September and December 2018 – £60.
  • Students starting between January and March 2019 – £40.
  • Students starting after April 2019 – £20.

Please note membership fees cannot be accepted on a Saturday morning at the music centre.

Online Payment:

Payments can be accepted online at the Southampton Council website:

Then use the left hand side drop down menu to select “Music” and scroll down to “Ensemble Membership Payment”.


Cheques must be made payable to ‘Southampton City Council’ for £60 and posted to:

IOW Music Hub
East Locality Base,
Glenfield Avenue,
SO18 4ER

Please write the name of the student and the groups they are attending on the back of the cheque.