We are delighted to announce that 5 members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra are coming to Music Centre this Saturday (30 September) to take workshops with the students and give a performance. This event will give Music Centre students a fantastic opportunity to work with some professional performing musicians who will be able to provide additional insight into playing in an ensemble, techinque tips as well as some stories of the life of a musician etc!

The players coming to the island are called “In at the Deep End” and play the following instruments: Double bass, bassoon, trombone, tuba and percussion.

From 10.00 – 11.00 the players will be working with the students in the following groups
All percussionists – in the Concert Band rehearsal room
All string players – in the Drama Studio
All Brass players – in thte library
All woodwind players (including Pied Pipers) – in the room where Airwaves rehearses.

After the break “In at the Deep End” will be giving the whole of music centre a performance in the Drama studio, 11.30 – 12.30.

The following groups will run as normal on Saturday:
Youth Choir and Medina Voices (adult choir) both groups will rehearse in a classroom.
Senior recorders
Percussion Group
Musicians from all of the above groups are welcome to attend a workshop and the 11.30 performance

Players from C Breeze are invited to attend performance and the workshop if they are able to get to medina College for 10.00.

We look forward to seeing all Music Centre members on Saturday for a memorable morning’s music making.

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PS. Dont’ forget the new Music Centre Ukulele group begins this Friday, 4.00 – 5.00 at Nine Acres Primary School, South View, Newport, PO30 1QP

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